Author: Hind Sebti

Beauty is different. It’s about sensibility, experience, artistry. The business of beauty is as human as a business can be because it must speak to the heart and the head in equal measure. Over my 20+ years in the industry – growing, investing in and incubating beauty brands, and even founding one of my own – I have developed a deep respect and appreciation for beauty entrepreneurs.


I am lucky to know some of the world’s best brand leaders, dreamers and makers from my time at P&G and L’Oréal, where I also met my co-founder Michel Brousset. Since meeting Michel, it has been both our business and our passion to obsess about the brands we work with and don’t work with – yet.


Over the years, we have seen so many passionate individuals with extraordinary vision build special brands that needed help to take their company to the next level. As I have learned as General Manager for global brands like Maybelline and Essie, a beauty company growing from $0 to $10 million is on a different journey than one going from $100 million to $1 billion. For an upstart brand to really succeed over the long term, it takes a special alchemy of beauty and operational expertise.


Waldencast Acquisition Corp. was founded to build a global best-in-class beauty and wellness operating platform by creating, nurturing and scaling the next generation of conscious, purpose-driven brands experience. At Waldencast, we understand that there is as much artistry to the beauty part of the business as there is to its operations. We know how important it is to preserve and truly nurture a brand’s values, spirit and philosophy while supporting its commercial ambitions. This means moving beyond KPIs and multiples, trusting in the founders’ original vision for the brand’s DNA, and guiding them to pull the right levers at the right time.


We have brought together a team and board with distinct perspectives and global experiences in the service of raising the next generation of beauty brands. We believe that creating a diverse, warm and inclusive ecosystem, underpinned by a creative, strategic and operational expertise, will allow the purpose-driven, soulful brands that we seek to partner with grow and thrive. We look forward to working with beauty pioneers to accelerate their visions and know that sometimes doing things differently can make all the difference.