Our Ambition

Our ambition is to build a global best-in-class beauty and wellness operating platform by creating, nurturing, and scaling conscious, purpose-driven brands.

We offer an alternative, unique path for entrepreneurs to scale great independent brands and partner with us to to bring to life this ambition.
Waldencast offers funding, but more importantly a unique operating model that respects the independence, entrepreneurial spirit, and each unique individual brand DNA.

Our operating model is built on eight pillars

Brand-led Business

This ensures proximity to our customers, business agility, and market responsiveness, while maintaining a distinct brand equity and spirit. This allow us to drive the independence, entrepreneurial spirit, and ownership mindset of our brand teams.

Beauty and Wellness

Beauty and wellness requires specific “savoir faire” that is built and nurtured over time. Our focus allows us to develop deep and broad expertise in the industry resulting in excellence over every link in the value chain.


Combines the strength of a multi-brand platform for capital allocation, back-office support, and rapid sharing of best practices, while maintaining and respecting the identities and autonomy of individual brands.


We aim to make the beauty and wellness industry a bit better every day through our commitment and investment in our key foundational values: sustainability, inclusivity, and social responsibility.


Rooted in a profound sense of business ownership and high performance, individuals that are part of Waldencast are as much driven by the strength of the brands’ ideas, as it is by sharing our dreamer/maker values: ambition with humility, idealism with practicality, grit with kindness, and vision with action.

Internal and External
Business Development

Our expertise and structure is geared towards rapid responsiveness to new trends via internal brand development and by pursuing business combinations with other consumer-centric, purpose driven brands.

Asset Light

We will build an asset light structure by strongly leveraging external open development and R&D partnerships, supply chain solutions and modular cloud technology.

Balanced Business

Our aim is to build a well-balanced beauty and wellness portfolio across categories, geographies, price points, and commercialization models in order to deliver consistent growth and withstand economic and category shifts.

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