Our Spirit

We embarked on this journey accompanied by Thoreau’s Walden advising us to advance confidently in the direction of our dreams, to live a life with purpose, to make ourselves of value.

At Waldencast, we are dreamers but also makers.

We believe in the power of dreams, ideals, vision, and art to change the world. But we are also gritty makers with our feet on the ground, dirt in our fingernails, and mud in our shoes making these dreams reality through our action.

We strive to stay true to our original vision of creating, nurturing, and scaling brands with a soul. Brands that marry purpose, art, beauty, and design with industry and commerce to make the planet and the lives of those in it better.

Individuals that are part of the Waldencast collective are as much driven by the strength of the brands’ ideas, as it is by sharing our dreamer/maker values: ambition with humility, idealism with practicality, grit with kindness, vision with action.

We have the spirit of a challenger, a disruptor, a game-changer. We are a start-up and we intend to stay in the attitude of a start-up regardless of our success. And so, we start.

About us
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